At-home Fetal Doppler & 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump Double Pack Bundle

The Ultimate Bundle for New Moms

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The Ultimate Bundle for New Moms

Introducing the ultimate pregnancy combo: the FetalPlus at-home fetal doppler and the FetalPlus 3.0 Wearable Breast Pump double pack. Keep a close ear on your baby's heartbeat from the first trimester with our at-home fetal doppler, and enjoy the freedom to pump hands-free with our cord-free, wearable breast pump. This combo is designed to make your life easier and more comfortable during the early stages of motherhood.

What's included

-1 x FetalPlus At-home Fetal Doppler

-2 x FetalPlus 3.0 Wearable Breast Pumps

-1 x Ultrasound Gel 60g Tube

FetalPlus At-home Fetal Doppler

FetalPlus At-home Fetal Doppler

Check in on your little one before you feel the 'quickening' from as early as 9 weeks in. Fetalplus at-home fetal doppler is designed to track your baby’s heartbeat from the first trimester, from the comfort of your own home with peace of mind and certainty without unnecessary risks.

Before your feel the first baby kick, it is important to provide yourself and your loved ones with a sense of calm.

  • Accurately measures fetal heartbeat from the first trimester

  • FDA cleared. 0 radiation. Safe for mums and babies.

  • From the comfort of your home. Avoid unnecessary hospital trips.

What Moms Love About Us

TFT Color Screen with 2 Modes

The TFT color screen ensures superior picture quality even at night. Enjoy two built-in modes: real-time BPM display, and the curve chart which shows the BPM changes over a period of time.

From as Early as 9 Weeks

The 3.0 MHz wide beam sensitive probe helps moms to find fetal heartbeats as early as 9 weeks within the first trimester.

Advanced Noise Cancellation

The intelligent noise cancellation and autocorrelation algorithm technology eliminate the interference caused by the surrounding environment and ensure cristal clear heartbeats and the accuracy of readings.

100% Safe to Use

The Fetalplus does not have any radiation. Nor does it generate any heat.  It is 100% safe for both mums and babies.

FDA Cleared

The FetalPlus At-home Fetal Doppler has obtained FDA clearance. (K211940) 

High-Fidelity Speaker & Headphone Jack 

You can either share the sound of angels with people around you with the built-in speaker, or connect your headphones for a private moment so that you can enjoy the connection between only you and your little one.

FetalPlus 3.0 Wearable Electric Breast Pump

The all-new FetalPlus 3.0 Wearable Electric Breast Pumps are cord-free, hands-free, and totally wearable—giving you the freedom to live life with both hands while you pump. You can use it while doing the dishes, taking care of a high-energy toddler, cleaning, and doing other errands. FetalPlus 3.0 provides the best-in-class suction level of 280 mmHg, with 3 modes and 9 levels to create a comfortable pumping experience for all nursing moms, especially those who need extra stimulation to express milk.

  • 100% hands-free to move, total freedom while you pump

  • No pain. Comfortable pumping experience for all moms

  • One full charge for up to six pumping sessions

What Moms Love About Us

Wearable, wireless & hands-free

All-in-one design with no external cords or tubes. Giving you the freedom to live life with both hands while you pump. 

Painless, comfortable pumping

The Fetalplus 3.0 has three modes — pumping, massage, and mix mode, with 9 suction levels to simulate the baby's natural suckling rhythm. It's catered to create a comfortable pumping experience for all moms, especially those who need extra stimulation to express milk. 

Smart display & easy control

With the smart touch panel, you can seamlessly operate with just a finger. You can quickly program each session with various custom models with just a few touches.

Large 1200mAh rechargable battery

The built-in 1200mAh battery gives 2 to 3 hours of pumping with one full charge. This means at least 6 sessions (10-15mins per session ) to cover the whole day. 

Say No to backflow

The FetalPlus 3.0 provides a hygienic closed system to prevent breastmilk from backing up to the pump, prevent infection, and keep the milk fresh.

Soft, Safe and hygienic

FetalPlus 3.0's closed system protects you and baby. Dishwasher safe, entirely BPA-free and made from food-grade material. The flanges and shields are made of soft silicone.

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