Flange Insert 3pcs size 17mm 19mm 21mm

17 mm 19 mm 21 mm inserts to use with FetalPlus 3.0 wearable breast pump 24 mm shields. It will reduce the 24-mm shield nipple tunnel down to 17 mm/19 mm/21 mm. A great solution for small-nippled mothers using FetalPlus 3.0 wearable breast pump.

- 1 Set of Flange Inserts: 1*17 mm insert, 1*19 mm insert, 1*21 mm insert

- 2 Sets of Flange Inserts: 2*17 mm insert, 2*19 mm insert, 2*21 mm insert

Cleaning: all accessories must be removed for cleaning. If the silicone is not removed, it will cause deformation of the silicone parts.

Replacing: the general service life of the flange inserts is about 3-6 months, depending on the frequency of pumping. 

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